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If you're like us, you're wondering when things will get back to normal and what normal will even look like. As an agent or supplier, you're hoping that the "new normal" will allow you to operate, make money, satisfy clients and stay in the business you love: travel. 

As we looked around, we felt something was missing. The COVID-19 disruption exposed how disconnected we all were. We heard and experienced hours on hold with a supplier or tough decisions we needed to make but we had no one to ask for feedback. 

In this environment, The Hub was conceived. We are building a place where agents can collaborate in a private social network that offers the chance for events, idea sharing and information collection. We also want to change the game by bringing the suppliers to the party so everyone can work together to rebuild our businesses and grow. 

In addition to creating space for interactive conversation, we are investing in creating the Manifest, a Hub Exclusive that will put the industry events and deals in one place. You'll be able to search the Manifest for the dates or destinations you're researching to help make money and serve your clients.

We're not only going to survive this disruption, we're going to thrive once it's done. Join us and help ensure you're doing the right things so you can take back control of your future. 

READ ME: The Hub Community Standards

Before we tell you what we're going to do in the community, don't read any further if you can't agree and abide by these community standards:

Be a Nice Person - Don't be a jerk. Simple, right?

Support & Give - We are all here because we love the travel industry and we want to see it succeed. As an agent or a supplier, there are things that we'd like to learn and areas in which we'd like to improve. That means we need to ask questions and admit - out loud - that we need help. As a community, we are committing to support and give to everyone in an effort to help grow the industry. Please, freely give your expertise, and we promise it will come back to you,

Engage - You get out what you put into this community. If you're going to log in once a week and browse around, you aren't going to get value from this group. Jump in, comment, share, compliment, build and interact.

Don't Sell - There will be times and places for you to promote your services and offerings. In fact, we want every member to find authentic business connections and new opportunities here. But, those connections will be earned through engagement and support. Please don't blatantly promote. 

Listen - For you to get the most out of a community built on engagement, you're going to have to sit back and realize some people - maybe someone you barely know - has an answer you hadn't considered. Listen to the feedback you're given and you'll be better off because of it.

Have Fun - This isn't Harvard Business School. Nobody is going to judge you for mixing in some pleasure with business. Let's have a good time AND make some money.

For our Travel Agent Members - Please read before joining -
We want THE HUB to be an open community whose benefits are accessible to all serious and professional travel agents. We realize that agents come in all shapes, sizes, and business models. At the same time, we also want to ensure that travel agents who come to THE HUB bring with them the professional standards we all work very hard to uphold. As a result, if you are also a part of a multi-level marketing travel organization, we respectfully ask that you forgo joining THE HUB.

There are two choices after reading the Community Standards...either feel fired up because you've found your new home, or, close the web page and search someplace else. 

Why You Should Join

Okay, you're reading on! Cool, you're not a jerk and you're coming to the group with giving and support in mind. Awesome. From here on in is where the GOOD STUFF is hidden. Here's what you'll get out of the community:

1. Participate in conversations and events you can't get anywhere else.

2. Create professional allies who share your passion for travel and building your business.

3. Speed up your learning curve and make better decisions with input of other accomplished, experienced colleagues.

4. Set goals, get accountability, share experiences and celebrate success.

5. Direct access to suppliers and expert agents to get the help you need, when you need it. 

6. Access to The Hub exclusive Manifest which includes an industry calendar of major events plus discounts and deals that can put money in your pocket.

And, you'll have the opportunity to participate in our "Travel Think Tank," "Night School," and "Q&A" broadcasts to learn, stay engaged and feel connected to the industry.

A Big Thanks

The Hub is the result of research and collaboration with leaders from all over the travel industry. The early stage feedback we received helped us form the community and understand exactly what we need to do to offer support and engagement. The conversations we held with Supplier Executives and Rock Star Agents - long before launch - are a debt we will work daily to repay in the form of community value and connection. 

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to jump in, get connected and get control of your business?

See you in The Hub!

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